Merquen (Chile)

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  • Merquen  derives from Chile. It is a ground mixture of dried and smoked aji cacho de cabra (goat's horn red pepper), cumin, roasted coriander seeds, and salt. It is very similar to traditional crushed red dried pepper flakes, cayenne, aleppo pepper, but with a nice spicy and smokey flavor.
  • This smoked paprika -like blend adds a warm depth, intense smoky flavor, and a fragrant aroma to everything from soups and dips to meat, poultry seasoning, seafood, vegetables. Add this new flavor to your spice rack, jerk seasoning, your spices and seasonings set, in your favorite spice shaker, or as a bbq rub.
  • Merquen is a native spice of the Mapuche Tribe. It is produced using traditional methods. The pepper is dried naturally under the sun then smoked over a wood fire. The pepper is then ground up into a flake and additional ingredients are included.
  • Merquen is sourced from the tribes directly to help support their tribe and traditional way of living. By working closely with the tribe, they continue producing merquen using the traditional methods.
  • Our family was fortunate enough to meet and cook with the famoud chef Anita Epulef in Curarrehu, Chile in 2018