Rye Flavour
Rye Flavour
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Rye Flavour

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Now you can finally have rye bread again! The Authentic Foods Rye Flavor is an all natural powder made from natural flavors. It is the perfect addition to your gluten-free pastries, rolls and breads. Just add ¼ teaspoon of the Authentic Foods Rye Flavor to each cup of gluten-free flour.


Nutrition Facts
Following information is based on 100 grams
Calories 360,Calories from Fat 0,Total Fat 0g(0% DV),Saturated Fat 0g(0% DV),Trans Fat 0g,Cholesterol 0mg(0% DV),Sodium 5mg(0% DV),Total Carbohydrate 89g(30% DV),Dietary Fiber 0g(0% DV),Sugars 62g,Protein 0g,Vitamin A (0% DV),Vitamin C (0% DV),Calcium (0% DV),Iron (0% DV)


Ingredient:  Dextrose, cornstarch, Tricalcium Phosphate (a natural additive to prevent caking).